Setting rules


Maybe it’s right, maybe it’s wrong. I don’t care!

It’s true! And I think I should make use of it. If I like to set rules which turn out to be good then I must be a good leader!

I fed up quickly, sometimes, from the things which I fail in doing, but I always start over again and again and again and I never give up!


I am a Monster

I am a Monster

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………………..By my own hands.
You cannot ask me to heal you,
You’d better heal yourself!

My heart became Cruel,
Do you know why?
Because I,
squeezed it,
Yes, squeezed it by my own hands.

still you ask why?
Because my eye,
My own little innocent eyes,
Witnessed falling drops,

Drops of emotions,
From my heart,
They were dropping,
One by one,
In the ocean of my tears,

Now you ask me to maintain,
Myself to come back again.

I wish I could do something to you.
Sorry I cannot.
And do you know why!
Why WHY you ask me why?

Can’t you see yourself…, by your own grieving eyes,
Can’t you see my emotions mingled with thousands of tears,
Can’t you see them decaying,
Can’t you see them fading.


Can’t you see me nervous,
Can’t you see me afraid,
Can’t you see me anxious,
Can’t you see me shocked,

I am no more human,

I am A Monster.
Watch yourself, keep distance.

I am gonna hunt you,
Eat every single beautiful thing in you.

I am a wild monster, watch yourself
I am a growing monster, keep distance

I am a monster,
A monster,
a Monster,
who bleeeeds,
For Mercy!!!

Amir Mohamed
21/10/08 08:30 pm

Silence please!

Silence please! I know you can be silent. And maybe that’s the main reason I told you to do so. You know me; I never force someone to do something unwillingly! And you know maybe that’s the reason I don’t do many things which I want to do…

I write, even if this might force the tabs of the keyboard to be clicked on. I sleep, even if my bed hates my weight to carry. I smile, even if my lips feel my heart and want to be sad for his sadness, confusion and darkness…

I am who you’ll never expect me to be…

so, please keep distance until I find myself.


I am showered
I am all showered
With showers
Of rainy rainy sands

Beautiful like water
Hurting like nails
Hammers, lights, darkness
No, no please!!!

Please don’t turn off the lights
Don’t hide the guides
Don’t through darkness
in front of my eyes

Cause my eyes used to see
The most beautiful thing in the world
And my heart used to thank her
For seeing such beauty

And letting such a sight be felt
Be like a life maker
I need your help now
Cause I’m showered

I am really showered
Save my life with your innocent looks
Organize each drain in a different box
And pour your water to make mud

And let my hands shape beautiful sights
That makes you and me… happy!!!

 Amir – 14 Ramadan 1432

Somewhere in my heart

Somewhere in my heart
You live, you never die
After what makes it
Before what denies I

We were never meant to be
They is just as far as you now
He got, I see he deserves thee
It’s just my mind wondering how

My heart loved you
How aching to know
You have to subdue

Reality is the ball
Wishes are the buddies

Dreams aren’t dreams
When light is lied upon them

When they open the door for you
To crush them all with a ball

Oh! If you didn’t score a strike
You have another chance for a spare
Alas! If you failed too
They’ll live in darkness until you die.

Amir – 12/11/2011


Just another Japanese animy movie about war and how it affected life in Japan. And this time it is about Hiroshima specifically.

I liked the movie for its simplicity; there is no exaggeration in any of the scenes; are natural. Even the life is a very natural one which makes you live among them, eat rice with them and sleep among them 🙂

The movie is divided into two parts: the first one before the bombing and the second after it. The first part reflects the simplicity of the japanese and how they could deal with the war, socially, and live a semi-normal life. The second part portrays how hellish life became, how dark, how unbearable and how insane!!! Nevertheless, they coped with it and did their best. Although the little child died out of hunger, but they were strong enough to keep fighting darkness.

The movie shows war and life from the perspective of children, that’s why you never get the feeling that there is anything that is complicated; everything is simple even war even life… even death!!!

The masterpiece of the movie is the one in which the land of Hiroshima receives the atomic bomb, hugs it and destroys everything above it in a devilish style; bodies melt, bones teared away, eyes hanged, blood evaporates… unbearable e.

I really admire those people who built their city to be one of the best nowadays… And I wish we can build our Egypt again after all what our atomic bomb (SCAF) had done and still doing to us…

المجد للشهداء